Genome Hazard (2014) Full Movie Free Download

Genome Hazard (2014) Full Movie Free Download. Ishigami comes home from work and discovers his wife dead. Just then, he receives a phone call from his wife and falls in utter confusion. Unexplainable things keep happening as Ishigami struggles to find his wife. Gradually, Ishigami realizes all his memories are gone and finds himself acting like someone else. What is his true identity?.

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Genome Hazard Full Movie Free Download in 720p (799 MB) ↓

  1. Name: Genome Hazard (2014)
  2. Casts: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Masatō Ibu, Yoko Maki, Kim Hyo-jin, Manabu Hamada, Yuri Nakamura, Park Hae-joon
  3. Size: 799 MB
  4. Quality: 720p
  5. Language: English
  6. Genres: Thriller, Drama

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